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This is the home web page of Arthur Hu which has been around in some form since 1995, so this is one of the older websites around.

I'm an American-Born Chinese (ABC some call that) which the Chinese called first generation, but the Japanese would call Nisei or second generation.

My father John Ta-Chuan Hu was from Hupei province. He was one of the first Chinese to go China's western-style college to study chemistry. His "back in my day story I had to walk in the snow uphill both ways" was having to walk halfway across china before they had trains or airliners. He got there just in time for finals, but he says he got the top score anyways. He helped to move the campus to stay out of the way of invading Japanese troops in the Sino-Japanese / WWII. He got to watch the bombers fly over and bomb nearby Chunking. After the war, he was assigned to help run the fertilizer factory that the Japanese were kind enough to leave behind on Taiwan. He got a scholarship to a university in Cincinati, but he eventually made his way to USC in Los Angeles where he nearly completed his PhD.

My mother Betty came from a well to do family with a large house with a big courtyard, now an apartment block in Schezuan province. Her father was a Nationalist government official who contemplated staying behind to fight the communists in a guerilla action, but thought better of it and took about the last plane out of Shanghai. She got a scholarship to Immaculate Heart College in Los Angeles before they got so progressive they broke off from the mother Catholic church and eventually closed down. I saw her report card which said she actually took a college level course in homemaking.

At that time there were only a handful of students from China in the US who had actually stepped off a boat which had staterooms for travelers on cargo vessels, if I recall they actually came ashore in Vancouver BC, arriving in the late 1950s. They had me towards the end of the 1950s, but my mother contined her studies as a mother, and had another by the time she graduated. Eventually we had 6 brothers and 1 sister named from A to G.

Dad eventually did research that established that Seattle was the place to be to get away from smog and earthquakes, and we settled in a suburb of Seattle during the Boeing boom days of the 1960s and the bust days of the 1970s. Airplanes were lined up wingtip to wingtip all the way down Renton field and we could hear the roar of money when they delivered planes.

My parent's idea of the American Dream was sending all 7 kids (who all played violin) as the original tiger parents to MIT and Stanford. That's a feat which the next generation isn't going to repeat, but in our day then we didn't have the internet or mobile phones or openGL.

My day job is usually software engineer or software engineer in test in some Microsoft (TM) technology such as Windows / .NET / Windows mobile. I started in high school with a desktop HP9830 BASIC computer with a plotter. I figured out 3D perspective from scratch in high school before colleges even offered course in graphics. I was turned down by Harvard, wait listed to Caltech, accepted to Stanford but college at MIT.

I've worked for a number of computer and software companies including Hewlett Packard, Digital Equipment, Autodesk, Microsoft, and Intel over the years in Boston, Silicon Valley, Boise, Portland and my home town of Seattle, and lately weathered the winters of Rochester Minnesota where we moved so my wife could work for a world famous hospital there in IT.

I was the one that was concertmaster of the Thalia youth symphony and in Vilem Sokol's Seattle Youth Symphony "1812" film, and concertmaster at MIT (well my other brother was concertmaster at Stanford..) My dad gave me a really nice violin he picked up at a pawn shop for $50, and the world's worst guitar for the PBS Frederick Noad classical guitar and the parks program folk guitar, which I've carried to Catholic and now Contemporay Christian music, and around Rochester I've joined the bunch of people who hang around the medical clinic piano either singing or playing streetcorner style songs.

It's mostly the other stuff I get into that's on my web pages.

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